Whether it’s underwriting your loan for MI eligibility or compliance to investor guidelines, we offer a variety of tools, useful tips and insight to help you get the most out of your underwriting relationship with Radian and ensure your needs are met. 

  • MI Underwriting Resources

    Whether it’s how to submit an MI application, tips for getting the application approved or something in between, our MI Underwriting Resources provide insight to help ensure your MI requests are handled quickly and efficiently. Learn more »

    A variety of reference materials can be found below, and as always, our Customer Care team is available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST to answer any questions you may have.

    Radian Quick Reference Guide: Find eligibility along with the most asked about One Underwrite® and Standard guidelines.

    5 Steps That Lead To Mortgage Insurance Approvals: Learn the 5 steps that can help your MI application be approved the first time it’s submitted.

    Documentation Guide: Learn more on documentation that can be used to validate qualifying income and assets, as well as how to identify potential inadequacies or concerns with documentation provided.

    One Underwrite® FAQ: Find the information you need to insure loans using Radian’s newest program, One Underwrite®.

    FAQs: Get answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding aspects of MI underwriting.

    Quality Assurance Post-Closing Loan Review Findings: Learn the most common post-closing quality assurance loan review findings to better help you successfully manage this process.

    Submission of a Mortgage Insurance Application: Gain insight on documentation requirements and expectations, as well as loan package and file delivery options, all as they relate to submitting a loan for MI.  

  • Contract Underwriting (ID #379429)

    Minimize risk and maximize performance with Contract Underwriting Services from Radian.

    Radian's Contract Underwriting Services, offered through Radian Services LLC, provide the resources to help you respond to market fluctuations and boost productivity. Whatever your need, we will work with you to determine the right solution for your business. Learn more »

    Our range of services allows you to leverage Radian's pool of skilled underwriters or receive your own dedicated Radian underwriter. And, our new Partnership Services provide even more long-term flexibility to manage capacity, synergize your business and maintain service levels. Select the service that fits your needs best:


    *10% fee reduction in month 7 if MI volume is greater than or equal to 70%.

    **Available only in states within Radian's SAFE Act licensing. Excludes CA, ID, KS, MT, NH, NY, TX, WI and VT.

    Learn more about Radian's Contract Underwriting Services:

    • FAQs: Get answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding aspects of Contract MI underwriting.

    • Program Details: With solutions to satisfy any need for capacity, you can choose the Radian Contract Underwriting model that works best for your business.

    • Contact your Radian representative to learn more, or get started today!