Homeownership Counseling CenterAchieve the Dream

Education for the Homebuying Process

We stabilize the foundation of the American dream by helping homeowners preserve what they’ve worked so hard to achieve. With education and counseling programs, Radian's Homeownership Counseling Center helps participants through a full-cycle approach toward successful homeownership. 

The Homeownership Counseling Center supports a variety of counseling options. 

  • Intensive, structured counseling programs

  • Language Line service for telecounseling in more than 140 languages

  • Counselors trained to communicate with hearing-impaired participants using TDDs

We help homeowners maintain realistic budgets, establish financial goals and avoid common pitfalls.

Radian's Homeownership Counseling offers you and your buyers:

  • A counseling session without any fees to the lender or homebuyer

  • Homebuying and Landlord Counseling

Complete the below lender registration form and a counselor will send your borrower an online link using the email address you provided for the Home Buying session. If your borrower is interested in Landlord Counseling, a counselor will call your borrower before sending them any information. Please advise your borrower that they will be contacted within two business days for both programs.

For questions, please contact Radian's Customer Care at 877.723.4261.