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Financing the American Dream begins here, with a number of tools to help you and your borrowers find the right loan at the right price, no pen or paper needed. All calculations are based on Radian's current rates and guidelines.

Check the eligibility for your borrower and calculate the MI premium rate. For faster access, simply click on the website icon that appears at the left of the address bar and drag and drop it on to your desktop to create a shortcut to the Radian Rate Finder!

Calculate the maximum loan amount your borrower can possibly qualify for and compare costs for different Radian MI products.

Compare payment amounts and loan costs based on our MI products so you can choose the best option for your borrower.

Calculate the percent of premium refunded as well as the refund amount of a Radian refundable mortgage insurance premium.

Analyze income for a traditional underwrite of a self-employed borrower.

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MI Rate Finder

Select if using non-Radian program type:    HARP Refinance   (For Mortgage Loan Applications taken prior to 12/01/2011)

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