Corporate Governance

Radian is committed to the integrity of our business and culture and seeks to share its best practices with investors, analysts, clients and the media. This section provides access to Guidelines of Corporate Governance, Board committee charters and our Code of Conduct and Ethics for Radian employees and directors. We also provide a downloadable, printable version (PDF) of all of the guidelines and charters. If you don't have Adobe® Reader®, you can download it.


Code of Conduct and Ethics

Radian Group Inc. (“Radian”) maintains a Code of Conduct and Ethics (the "Code"), which includes the code of ethics applicable to our chief executive officer, principal financial officer and principal accounting officer, in accordance with applicable SEC and NYSE rules. Effective January 2016, Radian’s board of directors approved an updated Code that is focused on a simple message:

At Radian, We Act With Integrity

  • Towards each Other
  • For Radian
  • For Our Stockholders
  • In the Marketplace
  • In Our Communities

Download Radian's Code of Conduct and Ethics
Amended and Restated: August 2017

Download Related Policies that form part of the Code of Conduct and Ethics:

On May 10, 2017, the Insider Trading Policy, which forms part of Radian's Code of Conduct, was amended to include pledging of Radian securities as a prohibited transaction.

Antitrust Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Corporate Disclosure Policy

Fraud Policy

Improper Payments Policy

Information and Computer Systems Policy

Insider Trading Policy
(Approved by the Board, effective May 10, 2017)

Investor Relations Communications Policy

Social Media Policy

Workplace Conduct Policy

Radian Group Inc. has adopted the Code of Conduct and Ethics to ensure that the standards of professionalism required by Radian Group Inc. are clearly communicated to all of those individuals subject to the Code.