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  • Secondary Marketing
  • Homeownership Counseling Center

Secondary Marketing

Our Secondary Marketing team can help you meet corporate production and profitability goals by assisting you in finding the right counterparty investor for your products.

Our full-time, dedicated traders continually monitor the secondary market to uncover new opportunities for our lending partners. We can suggest alternatives for even the toughest problem loans, and provide assistance with new investors, bulk sales or servicing sales. We also conduct customized national marketing or target marketing to help you fulfill your CRA portfolio needs and close more loans.

Radian has the resources to help customers facilitate sales and a variety of secondary transactions.

  • Bulk and correspondence loan referrals - We help our lender partners close billions of dollars in loans every year.

  • Bulk or flow servicing referrals - We help our lenders with referrals of all sizes. This value-added service includes a comprehensive program of  nationwide marketing and contract negotiation support.

  • Difficult loans - We help resolve issues and provide outlets for loans with program violations, payment problems and appraisal and legal issues.

  • Warehouse lines - We provide referrals for a number of specific seller requirements, including net worth, locations and line size.

Homeownership Counseling CenterAchieve the Dream

We stabilize the foundation of the American dream by helping homeowners preserve what they've worked so hard to achieve. With education and counseling programs, Radian's Homeownership Counseling Center (HCC) helps participants through a full-cycle approach toward successful homeownership. Our goal is to help homeowners maintain realistic budgets, establish goals and avoid common pitfalls by offering you and your buyers:

  • Easy to access online counseling courses
  • Free counseling programs for you and your borrowers

Education for the Homebuying Process

The Homeownership Counseling Center supports the following:

  • First-time Homebuyer Program

    • Free counseling course is available for all first-time homebuyers and/or landlords.
    • Online course takes just approximately one and a half hours to complete.
    • Participants may stop or start/return to the course at any time.
    • Online courses are currently only offered in English.
    • Borrower will receive a certificate upon completion of counseling session. Learn more »

    Complete the below registration form for the First Time Home Buying session or Landlord Counseling session. Be sure to choose the correct drop down option under “Course Type” for either First Time Homebuyer or Landlord.


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    Borrowers interested in Freddie Mac's Home Possible Program, can participate in the Credit Smart ® Consumer Online Training. Learn more about Credit Smart.



    For questions, please contact Radian's Customer Care at 877.723.4261.