Radian Mortgage Insurance Products

Insuring Mortgages. Ensuring the American Dream.

Radian’s mortgage insurance (MI) products help borrowers become homeowners sooner by qualifying for loans with smaller downpayments. More importantly, they help protect you against the risks of a low-downpayment mortgage.

Our diverse line of MI products include options for lender or borrower-paid premiums, and can be financed as part of the mortgage, paid monthly or as a one-time upfront single premium. This flexibility enables you to find the perfect MI solution for each borrower. 

  • Borrower-Paid Mortgage Insurance

    With borrower-paid mortgage insurance (BPMI), the borrower pays the MI premium, either monthly or as a single upfront premium. Single premiums may be financed into the loan. Learn more about Radian's Borrower-Paid MI.  Learn more »

    Borrower-paid mortgage insurance (BPMI) helps lenders offset the risk of a low-downpayment mortgage. Borrowers can qualify for a loan with a smaller downpayment, enabling them to purchase a home sooner.

    Our BPMI gives you the flexibility and service advantages you need to operate more efficiently and, ultimately, to close more loans. You can offer borrowers a choice of monthly premiums or a single premium that can be paid at closing or financed into the loan.

  • Lender-Paid Mortgage Insurance

    Lender-paid mortgage insurance (LPMI) benefits you and your homebuyers. With LPMI, you pay the MI premium on the borrower's behalf, while charging a slightly higher interest rate on the loan. Learn more »

    Benefits to Lenders

    In addition to increasing loan volume, Radian LPMI lets you realize additional servicing profits through secondary marketing execution. Benefits include:

    • Potential to originate larger first mortgages, resulting in higher servicing values

    • Increase retention rates and repeat loan transactions through higher customer satisfaction

    • For your most creditworthy borrowers, Radian’s risk-based pricing option can offer even better rates

    Benefits to Borrowers

    Radian LPMI benefits borrowers by eliminating MI closing costs and monthly MI premiums and also provides these additional benefits:

    • Lower downpayment needed – frees up cash for other things

    • Possibility of qualifying for a larger loan without increasing monthly payments

  • Single or Single Financed Premium Mortgage Insurance

    Borrowers can pay a one-time lump sum payment, or if they don’t have sufficient funds at closing, Radian’s Single Financed Premium lets them finance their MI into the loan amount. Learn more »

    This attractive option offers a low monthly payment and reduces the amount necessary at closing. Single Financed Premium MI is best for borrowers who want to minimize their monthly payment.

    Benefits to Lenders

    • Attract more borrowers

    • Increase profitability

    • Close more loans

    • Reduce servicing costs - with only one MI premium payment, no need to remit or reconcile monthly MI premiums

    • Generate larger servicing values due to larger loan amounts

    Benefits to Borrowers

    • Borrowers may qualify for a larger loan because of the lower payment

    • MI premium may be tax-deductible

    • Single monthly payment

    • Monthly payments that never vary

    • Lowest MI cost option for most consumers

  • SplitEdge®

    By splitting the MI cost into an upfront premium and a smaller monthly renewal, SplitEdge dramatically reduces a borrower’s monthly MI payment, which can help them qualify for a larger loan while generating higher profits for you. Learn more »

    The upfront premium gives the borrower a credit at closing, which is used to buy down the MI premium. Upfront single premiums can be .25%, .50%, .75%, 1.00%, 1.25% or 1.75% of the loan amount, with the balance of the MI premium paid monthly.

    Benefits to Lenders

    • Increases loan volume

    • Generates larger servicing values due to larger loan amounts

    Benefits to Borrowers

    • Helps your borrowers qualify for larger loans without increasing monthly payment

    • Lower monthly renewal rates for MI premiums

    • No balloon payments

    • MI premium may be tax-deductible

    • Preserves borrower’s ability to build and borrow against their home’s equity

Comparing Mortgage Insurance Options - Find What's Best for the Borrower

Every homebuyer is different. Every lender needs creative ways to serve the borrower. Our goal is to help our lending partners help more people buy homes.

The chart below compares the benefits of our various MI products to each other, as well as FHA insured loans.

MI Comparison Chart BPMI LPMI Single Financed Premium Split Edge FHA
Lowest Monthly Payment     Check Check Check
No monthly MI Payment   Check Check    
Less Paperwork Check Check Check Check  
MI Cancellation on Appraised Value Check   Check Check