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Confident Coverage® with Radian’s Master Policy

At Radian, our goal is to make it easy for you to do business with us – by choosing the options that work best for you! Our Master Policy provides you with even more clarity of process, consistency and transparency.

Radian’s Confident Coverage® provides you with choices of coverage to protect your insured loans, including rescission relief.

For more information, please contact Radian Customer Care at 877.RADIAN1 (723.4261) or email Or, simply call your Radian account executive.

Master Policy

State Required Endorsements

Endorsements Form Jurisdiction
Alaska Arbitration and Governing Law Endorsement RAF500 12/13 Alaska
Arkansas Arbitration Endorsement RAF489 12/13 Arkansas
Florida Arbitration and Limitation of Action Endorsement RAF507 9/16 Florida
Georgia Specific Provisions Endorsement RAF472,12/13 Georgia
Illinois Arbitration, Cancellation and Governing Law Endorsement RAF505 8/14 Illinois
Kansas Arbitration and Governing Law Endorsement RAF486 12/13 Kansas
Kentucky Arbitration and Governing Law and Arbitration RAF473 12/13 Kentucky
Maine Specific Provisions Endorsement RAF501 12/13 Maine
Maryland Mid-Term Cancellation Endorsement RAF503 6/14 Maryland
Mississippi Arbitration and Limitation of Actions Endorsement RAF497 12/13 Mississippi
No Arbitration Endorsement RAF487 12/13 Missouri and Georgia
Missouri Specific Provisions Endorsement RAF495 12/13 Missouri
Montana Endorsement RAF477 5/14 Montana
Nevada Arbitration and Governing Law Endorsement RAF478 12/13 Nevada
New Hampshire Arbitration and Governing Law Endorsement RAF504 7/14 New Hampshire
New York Neg Am, Governing Law and Subrogation RAF479 12/13 New York
North Carolina Limitation of Action Endorsement RAF494 12/13 North Carolina
Ohio Governing Law Endorsement RAF498 12/13 Ohio
Oklahoma Arbitration and Governing Law Endorsement RAF488 12/13 Oklahoma
Oregon Arbitration, Governing Law and Fraud Endorsement RAF496 12/13 Oregon
South Dakota Arbitration and Limitation of Actions Endorsement RAF499 12/13 South Dakota
Texas Governing Law Endorsement RAF481 12/13 Texas
Utah Cancellation and Notice Provisions Endorsement RAF482 12/13 Utah
Vermont - Arbitration and Governing Law RAF506 9/15 Vermont
Virginia Arbitration and Governing Law Endorsement RAF491 12/13 Virginia
West Virginia Arbitration Endorsement RAF502 12/13 West Virginia

Confident Coverage

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Radian’s Master Policy is the insurance policy we use to insure our customers’ loans. Together with applicable endorsements, it contains the rights and obligations of the parties in the event of a loss resulting from borrower default. The document is available as a PDF. If you don't have Adobe® Reader®, you can download it.

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