Radian's Programs & Services

At Radian, our goal is to help you get MORE. We recognize that a big part of that is ensuring that doing business with Radian is simple and rewarding, so you can enjoy both convenience and peace of mind. That’s why we’ve put together programs and services that streamline MI to help lenders gain market share and provide value.

  • Confident Coverage®

    Radian's rescission relief program, Confident Coverage, provides increased peace of mind for both delegated and non-delegated submissions.   Learn more »

    Please see our Originations and Servicing Guide for more information.

  • Construction-to-Permanent Commitment

    Sometimes you need a little MORE time. Radian understands that the American dream of homeownership takes time to achieve, especially when your dream home is under construction. Learn more »

    That’s why we’re pleased to offer our construction-to-permanent commitment program for properties that are proposed or currently under construction. With this program, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that Radian will honor guideline and pricing information for one full year while the home is being constructed. With Radian, living the dream is easy!


  • HomeReady® and Home Possible®

    Radian supports Fannie Mae's HomeReady and Freddie Mac's Home Possible programs under our One Underwrite guidelines.  Learn more »

    Fannie Mae's HomeReady and Freddie Mac's Home Possible programs make it even easier for your borrowers to qualify for a low down payment loan. Radian makes it even more affordable. Our lower coverage options under these programs mean big savings for your qualifying borrowers.

    HomeReady and Home Possible Benefits

    • Expanded underwriting capabilities include:
      • Availability on purchases and LCORs
      • CLTV max of 105%
      • Acceptable sources of funds for DP and closing costs include gifts, grants, Community Seconds® or Affordable Seconds,® and cash on hand.
      • Mortgage Insurance 90.01 to 97%; 25% Coverage; 90% or less; Standard Coverage
      • LLPAs waived with 680 score and LTV > 80, max LLPAs 1.5
    • Loans with an Approve/Eligible response from DU or an Accept/Eligible response from Loan Product Advisor® are automatically eligible for Radian's One Underwrite program.
  • Jumbo Loans

    Maximize your impact! Radian's Non-Agency Jumbo and Super Jumbo loan programs help lenders take on bigger customers and larger loans. Learn more »

    Primary Residence Purchase; Rate/Term Refinance

    • Loan amounts to $1,500,000

    • FICOs starting at 680

    Second Home

    • $850,000 Loan amount 720/45

    New Construction/Construction-to-Permanent

    • Primary residence to $1,000,000

    • Second homes to $650,000

    For more information view our complete Underwriting Guidelines.

  • Medical Professional Program

    The Medical Professional Program provides specialized coverage for newly licensed or established medical doctors, medical assistants, surgeons, dentists and oral surgeons for loan amounts up to $1,000,000. The program is applicable for credit scores beginning at 680.


  • MortgageAssure®

    All eligible Radian-insured 97% LTV loans include the option to register for Radian’s exclusive MortgageAssure job loss protection program at no additional cost to the borrower or lender. Learn more »

    Program Details

    MortgageAssure helps borrowers pay their mortgage in the event they are involuntarily unemployed.* Plus, it can help our lending partners increase interest in high LTV conventional financing, while offering a level of default protection that benefits the borrower, lender, and Radian Guaranty.

    • Effective for MI applications received on or after May 1, 2015.
    • Assists borrowers with their monthly mortgage payments in the event of involuntary job loss.
    • Offered at no additional cost to the lender or borrower.
    • Available to all lenders. Lenders will have the ability to opt out of the program if they so desire by notifying their account manager.
    • Available on all Monthly, Split Edge and Standard Annual products only. Single premium programs are excluded.



    • Adds additional benefit to their borrowers who have opted-in.
    • Reduces their borrowers’ risk of late payments or default if the borrower becomes involuntary unemployed.
    • Reduces servicing costs associated with late payments and defaults.


    • Up to six months of mortgage payments, not required to be consecutive.
    • A monthly payment benefit of up to $1,500.
    • Total benefit of $9,000 during the coverage period.
    • Coverage period of 2 years beginning on opt-in date.
    • Reduces financial stress by relieving the pressure of late mortgage payments.
    • Preserves borrowers’ savings, retirement, college funds.

    Program Eligibility


    • All approved Radian Master Policy holders are eligible to participate. Lenders will have the option to opt out of the program.
    • Sales will notify Sales Support of lenders who wish to opt out of the program.
    • Payments under this program are already being accepted by most servicers and aggregators.


    • 95.01% to 97% LTV
    • Primary, owner occupied, single family home.
    • At least one borrower must not be self- employed.
    • Available for Monthly, Split Edge and Standard Annual only.
    • Eligible borrowers must visit www.mortgageassure.com to register for this program.

    Loan Restrictions

    • HARP, Fannie Mae High LTV Refinance Option, and Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Refinance transactions excluded

  • One Underwrite®

    Take the guesswork out of MI eligibility and accelerate approval by eliminating double underwriting. Radian’s exclusive One Underwrite is designed to help you close deals faster. By eliminating double underwriting, we save you time and hassle.   Learn more »

    With One Underwrite, and a minimum FICO score of 620, a loan is eligible for Radian MI once it’s been accepted by Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter or Freddie Mac’s Loan Product Advisor.

    It really is that easy! Find more information here.