Servicer Reporting (MILAR)

MI companies rely on our servicers’ data for a multitude of key business processes that enable us to effectively and efficiently transact with each other – from correct UPB for billing purposes and internal/external reporting to ensuring the correct loan status and loss mitigation information. That is why Radian’s Master Policy #RAF483 (for MI applications received on or after October 1, 2014) contains a provision for a monthly servicing report on both performing and delinquent insured loans, as do other MI companies.

In 2014, a group of MI companies teamed together to create a consistent servicing report template and data definitions that servicers could use to make it easier for them to meet this reporting provision. The resulting template is called the Mortgage Insurance Loan Activity Report (MILAR).

The MILAR provides two alternatives:

  • a full data set (169 data elements) designed to replace the need for separate modification reporting once validated
  • a minimum data subset (32 data elements) designed to meet the provision in the Master Policy

Radian is ready to accept MILAR from any Servicers wishing to use this format while remaining open to work with Servicers who may wish to meet this provision by some other reporting means.

Please contact Radian’s Customer Care team at or 877.723.4261 to begin submitting a MILAR template or for answers to any other questions that you may have if not answered in our Servicer Reporting FAQ.

We look forward to working with you and being the MI partner you can rely on.