Getting the Business

Prospecting, building relationships, and driving your business through referrals is more than luck and leads, it’s talent and skill. It’s the craft of every loan officer and real estate sales professional. Those that are top producers are more than industry experts, they understand people. In this powerful series, we partnered with sales and industry leader Rene Rodriguez of to prepare you to get the business in our new Whiteboard Series

  • Whiteboard Series Intro Video: Watch here to learn why this series was created and why it is so different.  Rene emphasizes how you can take your business to the next level and build key sales capabilities through bite-sized videos, live webinars and other on-the-job learning resources!
  • Check out our webinar Prepping for the Initial Call,Presenting for Action: More than a Pitch, Differentiation Strategies, and A Purpose Driven Career to get started.
  • Whiteboard Series Video Library: Check out the rich video library below. Each series is filled with short actionable videos that will help you tackle some of the most complex challenges loan officers face in logical, yet simple, steps.

Start getting the business today: