Introduction to Mortgage Insurance Essentials
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In this course we want to give you a broad overview of mortgage insurance, why it is important and the benefits it can provide borrowers. This series will provide you with a basic overview of mortgage insurance and the role mortgage insurance plays in protecting homebuyers and lenders.

What is Mortgage Insurance?
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Mortgage Insurance is designed to protect a lender against losses if a homeowner defaults on the payments of their mortgage loan. In this video, we will provide an overview of how mortgage insurance is a benefit to lenders and borrowers.

How does Mortgage Insurance work?
(module 3 of 5)

In this video we will review how an individual and a lender qualifies for mortgage insurance and the types of mortgage insurance products that Radian offers.

What happens when a borrower defaults on a loan?
(module 4 of 5)

Mortgage Insurance becomes a factor when a borrower has missed payments and it looks like they won’t be able to recover. In this video, we discuss what happens when a borrower defaults on a mortgage loan, and how mortgage insurance may aid in avoiding or minimizing financial losses for all parties involved.

Mortgage Insurance Cancellation
(module 5 of 5)

The cancellation of mortgage insurance is a popular topic in the industry. In this video, we provide insight on how and when cancellation can occur.

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