Basics of Income Introduction
(module 1 of 9)

This series is designed to acquaint you to the mortgage banking industry and increase the knowledge of existing staff with usable income types.

Base Pay
(module 2 of 9)

Learn how to calculate base income within a variety of scenarios.

Overtime, Commission and Bonuses
(module 3 of 9)

Tackle the nuances and necessary documentation and sources for commissions and bonuses as qualifying income.

Tips, Gratuity and Part-Time
(module 4 of 9)

Understand which documents validate gratuity, bonuses and part-time income.

Second Job and Multiple Job Families
(module 5 of 9)

Explore the main considerations for second job income/multiple job borrowers.

Gaps in Employment and Job Changes
(module 6 of 9)

Learn the questions you should ask when verifying job changes and gaps in employment. You’ll also explore the key factors of determining the stability of income.

Unemployment and Contractual
(module 7 of 9)

Understand the basics of using unemployment income and what considerations are used for contractual work.

Additional Ways to Verify
(module 8 of 9)

Explore additional ways to verify employment and income.

Check Your Answers
(module 9 of 9)

Now that you've completed this course, verify your answers!