Introduction to Fraud Red Flags
(module 1 of 6)

This series is designed to be an introduction to the basic mortgage red flags you may see in your loan files.

Loan Application, SSN and Credit Documentation
(module 2 of 6)

Learn more about the Social Security Number and some of the red flags you might see on the loan application and credit report.

Income and Tax
(module 3 of 6)

Explore the red flags you might see in the income documents in your loan files.

(module 4 of 6)

Asset documents can have many red flags. Learn how to identify the basics.

(module 5 of 6)

One of the more difficult areas to detect red flags is within the appraisal. Explore the basics of the review here.

Closing Documentation
(module 6 of 6)

The review does not stop once a loan closes. Learn basic red flags of the Closing Documentation.

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