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Introduction to Fraud Schemes
(module 1 of 9)

This series is designed to be an introduction to the mortgage Fraud Schemes that are impacting our industry.

Backwards Application and Identity Theft
(module 2 of 9)

Explore how the Backwards Application scheme works and how Identity Theft is impacting consumers.

Strawbuyer and Occupancy Fraud
(module 3 of 9)

Strawbuyer and Occupancy Fraud are becoming more common. Learn the basics of these schemes to help you identify if this is happening in your loan files.

Flip Transaction
(module 4 of 9)

Learn how the Flip Transaction is impacting our communities and some tips on how to detect this popular fraud scheme.

Real Estate Wire Fraud
(module 5 of 9)

Wire Fraud is one of the fastest growing cybercrimes in the US. Build your knowledge on how this scheme works.

Foreclosure Rescue
(module 6 of 9)

Explore the process of the Foreclosure Rescue scheme.

(module 7 of 9)

Learn how consumers are deceived into the Chunking Scheme with a real example from Radian’s reviews.

Air Loans and Builder Bailout
(module 8 of 9)

These complex schemes can cause significant losses. Learn more about the Air Loan and Builder Bailout schemes.

Internet Fraud
(module 9 of 9)

Using the internet to engage in fraudulent mortgage transactions is growing. Learn how internet fraud is changing the industry and leading to larger and more costly schemes.

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