Introduction to Mortgage Fundamentals
(module 1 of 8)

This series is designed to be an introduction to the core basics of the mortgage industry.

The Mortgage Process
(module 2 of 8)

Explore the basic mortgage process and payment terminology.

Escrow Components
(module 3 of 8)

Learn the specifics of escrow accounts.

Loan to Value
(module 4 of 8)

Learn the definition of Loan to Value, how it's calculated, and what it represents for customers.

Loan Products
(module 5 of 8)

Explore different loan categories and their applicable rate adjustments.

Three C's - Credit, Capacity, Collateral
(module 6 of 8)

Explore each of the main parameters of the mortgage underwriting process.

Mortgage Fraud Fundamentals
(module 7 of 8)

Learn the basics of mortgage fraud and how it impacts you and the company you work for.

Check Your Answers
(module 8 of 8)

Now that you've completed this course, verify your answers!