Not Your Ordinary Assets Introduction
(module 1 of 7)

Become familiar with some common – and not so common – asset types that may support a borrower in closing a mortgage.

Sale vs. Loan of an Asset
(module 2 of 7)

Learn what the selling, taking a loan against, and documentation on assets entails.

Retirement Funds as an Asset
(module 3 of 7)

Explore which types of accounts can be used as assets for retirement funds, how the funds can be used, the documentation required, and more.

Life Insurance as an Asset
(module 4 of 7)

Become familiar with which types of life insurance policy a borrower can take a loan against.

Bridge Loan
(module 5 of 7)

Understand the basics of a bridge loan and the criteria that must be met when utilizing this type of asset.

Less Common Assets
(module 6 of 7)

Explore less common assets including tax refunds, and lease to purchase.

Check Your Answers
(module 7 of 7)

Now that you've completed this course, verify your answers!