Not Your Ordinary Income Introduction and Nontaxable Income
(module 1 of 7)

This series will introduce a variety of income types that you can use to qualify your borrower. You will also review additional sources of income, including those that are nontaxable.

Social Security Benefits
(module 2 of 7)

Learn the basics of Social Security benefits and how to calculate annual SS income.

Child Support and Alimony
(module 3 of 7)

Understand how to define child support and alimony and the main differences when individuals disclose these forms of income.

Military Income
(module 4 of 7)

Explore the fundamentals of military income, including allowances, years of continuance, and more.

Disability Income and FMLA
(module 5 of 7)

Understand the different types of disability and how they qualify for income sources.

Annuity Income and Retirement Income Distribution
(module 6 of 7)

Learn the different types of annuities and what documentations are necessary for retirement income.

Check Your Answers
(module 7 of 7)

Now that you've completed this course, verify your answers!