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Income >>

Understand and calculate basic types of borrower income, including second job and multiple job borrowers, contractual employees, base pay, overtime, and more.


Assets >>

Simplify your understanding of the most common liquid assets, industry guidelines, and required documentation. Learn about checking and savings accounts, establishing ownership, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more.


Self-Employed Borrower >>

Gain a basic understanding of the Self-Employed Borrower by learning about the various business entities, their required tax forms and how to calculate liquidity for these types of borrowers.


Fraud >>

Increase your knowledge of fraud by understanding what defines it and how it impacts the mortgage industry. Learn about the variety of red flags you will encounter when reviewing loan files and how to identify fraud schemes.


Mortgage Fundamentals >>

Mortgage Fundamentals is an essential course for those newer to the mortgage industry. Build your core knowledge of the overall mortgage lifecycle, key terminology, loan products, and more!


MI Essentials >>

In this course you'll learn the basics of mortgage insurance. This will include an overview of how it works, the different types of MI products and how it can be cancelled on a mortgage loan.


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