Insider Series

The Radian Insider Series is designed to bring you the timely and relevant industry insights to push you ahead of the competition and take you to the next level. Learn about industry topics from MI experts, on your own time, in the comfort of your office. It’s that easy with Radian to be successful in today’s market place. Learn from the best!

Trended Credit Data

Radian National Training’s on-demand overview of Trended Credit Data was provided by industry insiders from Fannie Mae, TransUnion and the National Consumer Reporting Association. Learn more about how Trended Credit Data will be used in the analysis of your borrower’s credit history and mortgage approval.

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Recruiting High Performing Players

Whether working with a consumer, a referral partner or a potential recruit, the selling points and strategies are all connected. Learn about what sets you apart. Why should a consumer or realtor work with you? Why would an LO have a better sales opportunity with your organization? If you, your team, or your branch are successful at originating and closing loans then recruiting is simply the next step in your sales process.

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The Millennial Homebuyer

Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation in U.S. history, and they are demanding a change in industry standards for marketing and customer service. This group demonstrates a cultural shift in communication and housing preferences, and they face unique challenges to homeownership. This presentation includes an overview of the market segment, barriers to homeownership, and tools and resources to secure lasting customer relationships with millennials.

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